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– Legislation and Regulatory Framework

– Insurance and Risk Management Precision Agriculture

– Drones in Mining Industry

– Remote Sensing, GIS & Survey Mapping Utilities and Inspection

– Safety and Security

– Pilot Training and Safe Operations Data Management, Fleet Management

– Drones in Emerging Markets Live Demonstrations

Speakers Include:

Timur Piker

Technical Support Manager

Datumate – Israel

John Monk

Principal Engineer


Christopher Clarke

Managing Director RocketMine

Jacques Coetzee

Brand Manager GoUAV

Ajay Harduth

Operations Manager


Programme Overview

Objectives of the Conference

• To explore the technical aspects of drone use.

• To get practical presentation of data capture and processing

• Analysing the Unmanned Air Systems Police and Regulatory Framework

• Discuss ways in which drones can be integrated into every-day traffic

• Explore the integration and safety applications for UAS.

• Discuss the growth and market potential perspectives that govern drones usage

• Outline the challenges posed by drone technology and find possible solutions around them.

Target Industries

• UAS Manufacturers

• Original Equipment Manufacturers

• UAS Pilot Trainers

• Mining

• Agriculture

• Media

• Film and Motion Picture

• Health

• Non-Government Organisations

• Government Departments

• Municipalities

• Universities

• Civil Aviation

• Parks, Environment and Wildlife

• Advertising

• Cargo Transporters

• Fire Departments

• Property and Real Estate

• Construction

Target Audiance

• Chief Executives

• Operations Executives and Managers

• Parks and Wildlife Managers

• Mining Executives

• Mining Operations Managers

• Warehouse Managers

• Courier Services Managers

• Farm Managers

• Municipal Operations Managers

• Beach Safety Workers

• Police Officers

• Health Services Providers

• University Students

• Film Producers

• Film Directors

• Editors

• Photojour-nalists

• Relief and Aid workers

• UAS Pilots

• UAS Training Experts

• IT Managers

• Civil Aviation Authority Managers

• UAS Manu-facture and Assembly Executives

• Advertising Professionals

• Archaeologists

• Fire Chiefs

• Real Estate Agents

• Land Surveyors

• Geodesists

• Geomatics Specialists